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25-year-old Lady passes away seven months after wedding

Friends and family are deeply mourning the tragic loss of Endurance Japhet Gunat, a 25-year-old lady who passed away just seven months after her wedding. The sudden and untimely nature of her death has left her loved ones in profound grief.

Endurance reportedly died on Saturday, July 6, casting a shadow of sorrow over her community. Her passing at such a young age has been a shock to everyone who knew her.

The beloved wife is set to be laid to rest on Friday, in a ceremony that will take place in Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State. The funeral is expected to draw many who wish to pay their last respects and support the grieving family.

25-year-old Lady passes away seven months after wedding

The community remembers Endurance for her vibrant spirit and the joy she brought into the lives of those around her. Her death has left a significant void, and she will be dearly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her.

With a heavy heart, her husband, Gunat Japhet, shared her obituary on Facebook.The sorrow in his message was palpable as he informed friends and family of her passing.

A Facebook user named Fuki Christian Daniel shared their empathy on the platform, expressing how deeply the tragic news affected them. Their heartfelt response highlighted the emotional impact the event had on them and likely resonated with many others who felt the same.

In their post, Fuki conveyed a sense of solidarity and shared grief with others who were similarly moved by the news. The personal nature of their message underscored the widespread sorrow and empathy felt across the community.

He wrote “It’s just like I’m dreaming. My friend wife gone. Gunat Japhet. wedded 9th December, two weeks after I got married at same church. I feel very sad, on a daily basis a targeted age of young people keep going. God teach us to number our days as death is inevitable and a snitch. Rest in peace dear slush. It is well when Jesus is involved.

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