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40-Year-Old man rapes minor in mosque

In Ogun State, a man known as Abiola has been accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl (identity withheld).

The 40-year-old suspect allegedly committed the act at the Olorunloba Mosque restroom situated on Ondo Road in the Ijebu-Ode area of the state.

The accused, also referred to as Aro, has been apprehended by the police in the South West State.

Reportedly, the crime occurred on Saturday, March 4, 2024, around 2:20 pm, shortly after the afternoon Muslim prayer at the mosque. According to Punch reports, the suspect had been a member of the mosque for over 15 years prior to the incident.

The survivor informed officers at the Igbeba Division that she needed to use the restroom and went there for that purpose. She recounted hearing a knock on the door after entering.

The survivor explained that upon opening the door, she was startled to find Aro standing there, as she had assumed it was her younger brother who had also come for the prayer.

She stated that while she was trying to understand why Aro was in the women’s restroom, he allegedly pushed her back inside and forced her against the wall.

According to a police source familiar with the case, despite the survivor’s cries and pleas, Aro forcefully removed her clothing and assaulted her. The survivor then experienced uncontrollable bleeding from her private parts.

Upon returning home, she reported the incident to her guardian, who took her to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Following the arrest of the suspect, he has been detained, as confirmed by the state Police Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola. Odutola further stated that the case would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department in Abeokuta for further investigation after the preliminary inquiry is concluded.



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