Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“A corps member gave birth to quadruplets while serving her country and is seeking financial support.”

A Nigerian woman has become a TikTok sensation for featuring her adorable quadruplets. 

Identified as @momof4quadraplet on TikTok, she disclosed in a video that she delivered her four children during her national service. 

She is anticipated to receive a raise in her allowance from the Nigerian government to support her family of five, as evidenced by her wearing her NYSC uniform in a clip she shared.

A young Nigerian mother gains traction on the TikTok platform after sharing a video featuring her adorable quadruplets. 

Identified as @momof4quadraplet, she reveals in the clip that she delivered four babies during her time serving her country. 

Dressed in her NYSC uniform, she voices her expectation for increased allowances from the Nigerian government, stating it should cover the needs of five individuals. 

The video garners widespread attention, with users flooding the comments section with congratulations and prayers for her and others seeking to conceive.

Reacting to the post…

@MercySW said: “I tap from your blessing.”

@Coach Cherry +EsB said: “God I tap I don’t mind the stress oh lord dada dad. A big congratulations.”

@besam said: “I tap from your blessings in Jesus name amen.”

@user4867722104989 said: “God is not a stress for me I tap in to this blessing Lord.”

@Temmie reacted: “I tap frm ur blessing.”

@Wwofficial _Leod_claire said: “I tap into this double blessings in Jesus name, amen and amen.”

@Itz Yo Bae Juliet said: “Congratulations.”

@ezeakorpromisechi said: “I tap into ur blessings.”

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