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A corps member shares her experience of relying on “pretty girl privilege” for support throughout her time at the camp.

A National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member recounts her experience of enjoying ‘pretty girl privilege’ for free food during her three weeks on camp.

The copper identified as @tiana_shugar on TikTok who camped in Delta state disclosed that she never had to use her meal ticket or pay for meals during her stay.

She shared multiple slides showcasing delicious meals, attributing her privilege to being perceived as a pretty girl.

She added that most of her meals were sponsored by male corps members who showed an interest in her because of her beauty.

Reactions as corper eats free food for on camp using pretty girl privilege

sommie__o said: “Lol! I payed for my food. It’s just few things that my old friends i jammed there bought food for me and I dashed out my meal card.”

itsgoodyhere wrote: “😂😂well, every fine girl including I enjoyed the fine girl privilege😂, but I used my meal ticket a few times too cos I no wan hear nonsense because of food I did not force you to buy🤣🤣”

ChuksOhaxx reacted: “Those mumu men that did all this, hope you guys will still meet after the camp? Umu ewu.”

YoungEmmanuelJ added: “There’s pretty girl privilege, is there fine boy privilege ?”

_shugaolic noted: “Just be a fine girl in Nysc camp😁 I enjoyed so many benefits during my time.”

Watch the video below …


PS: i never paid for my meal in camp for 3 weeks and i never used my meal card 😂🤲…. Sweeeeeet #nysc #nyscdelta #prettygirlprivilege

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