Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

A heartwarming moment unfolds as a man makes a surprise visit to his 99-year-old grandfather after being apart for 12 years.

In Zambia, a young African man documents the touching reaction of his 99-year-old grandfather, who remains remarkably healthy despite his age.

Identified as @directedbykumiko on TikTok, the man shares that it has been 12 years since he last saw his grandfather.

In a heartfelt video, he pleasantly surprised his grandfather with a visit and stayed with him at his home for a week. Upon seeing his grandson, the elderly man was taken aback and deeply moved, nearly on the verge of tears.

Despite his advanced age, the grandfather appeared remarkably youthful and full of energy compared to others his age.

“Paid a surprise visit to my Grandad who just turned 99, and it’s safe to say he was speechless. Haven’t seen him in 12 years and got to spend the week with him. Best trip ever! Family is incredibly important,” he captioned the video.

Reactions trailing 99-year-old grandfather with a youthful look
yourmom’sfavoritegal reacted: “Porch looks exactly like mine back home in Zambia!!”

• said: “That’s the healthiest man l’ve ever seen, he looks 60.”

tessa_VIRGIN. PRIDE, said: “Throwback pictures of grandpa? cause WOAH!”

Goodnews Hope reacted: “You suspect he was looking at his younger self at that moment.”

Trish x reacted: “And side note this home is beautiful.”

marie_andy said: “There’s no way he’s 99. He looks so much.” 

Watch the video below …

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