Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“A lady turns heads with her lively dancing at a funeral.”

A woman’s lively dancing during a funeral procession has sparked widespread discussion, as her energetic behavior appeared out of sync with the somber atmosphere of the event.

Instead of maintaining a solemn demeanor, she joyfully danced and showcased various moves during the procession, eliciting cheers from other mourners following behind. 

The video shared online prompted mixed reactions, with many deeming her behavior inappropriate for the solemn occasion.

Check out some reactions …
crypto_exchanger.x penned: “Joy want to finish next of kin”

official_queen_miller remarked: “U go surprise say she no know the person wey die sef, party jollof no go let am get senses”

damien.clementina opined::“Maybe the dead na her landlord”

thefoodnetworknig2 stated: “She fit no know who kpai o but dem don use cruise swaer for una!”

I.tobiloba asked: “Is she owing the dead ? This kind of dance get as e be. Alaragbigbe”

theimperialcakesnmore wrote: “She fit just be passerby o, but some people cannot use ear to hear small drum like this, they will loose guard,”

yitkyim said: “Even her outfit reveals she came to party. Nothing concern her with that funeral”

jully_mk commented: “This wasn’t what mummy of Lagos taught us na stop dancing like agbero”

Watch video below …

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