Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

A man cautioned VeryDarkMan to cease his activism, stating that none of his followers were suitable replacements even in the event of his imprisonment.

A Nigerian man urges the controversial activist, VeryDarkMan, to take a break from his activism upon his release from prison. 

The man, a popular social media content creator known as jectimi_comedy, posted a video to his Instagram account expressing his concerns. 

He feels that the people VeryDarkMan fights for may not fully appreciate his efforts. The man’s advice isn’t rooted in questioning VeryDarkMan’s advocacy skills, but rather in the realization that not everyone he defends supports him. 

He highlights the irony that despite VeryDarkMan’s large online following, none of his supporters could step in to replace him in jail, even temporarily.

He also added that no one does more than trending his hashtag, everybody else is comfortably living while he is in jail.

Furthermore, he advised the activist to not speak on every topic, instead choose to ignore some, which he believes as the reason why he is currently in jail.

Watch the video here

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