Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

A man complains about the large number of people attending Veekee James’s sewing masterclass, questioning what she is even sewing.

A Nigerian man expressed his disapproval on Twitter regarding the high number of individuals who paid N1 million for a three-day sewing masterclass by Veekee James. 

He shared his observation on his Twitter account, @Chinonxo, and received mixed reactions from his audience. 

The man argued that Veekee James wasn’t demonstrating anything particularly special to warrant such a large attendance at her sewing masterclass.

He asserts that Nigerians display gullibility by opting to be trained by someone he perceives as mediocre.

In his words;

“See the number of people that attended Veekee James masterclass. The class is 1m per person
What is she even sewing sef
Nigerians are gullible”

Here are some reactions to his tweet

@shakurkrishna advised: “Don’t believe everything you see online
She might intentionally place some of them there to attract more people .
Na publicity stunt . Not all if them paid for the master class”

@Rena_Igo0 stated: “They are not all Nigerians, some came in from US”

@Omarr_delly added: “You are trashing someone’s business for engagement , only to post your own business and you think your business will thrive? Continue👍”

@Sleek_nft22 opined: “Some people na misplaced priority seh”

@_theproductbabe wrote: “This is what excellence does. If you are good at what you do, people will pay anything.”

@GidiGambino replied: “It’s the name. That’s why you need to use your fame well and quick.”

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