Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

A man working at a construction site in South Korea earns $375 by carrying cement, which is equivalent to making N529k in a day.

According to a video he shared online, a Nigerian individual employed at a construction site in South Korea makes N529,000 per day.

In a video posted on X by @bellamybellamyy, the man asserts that he receives $1.50 for every sack of cement he transports. 

He mentions that his task involves carrying these sacks from the ground level of the building to the top, where they are utilized. 

According to him, he is expected to transport 250 bags of cement daily. With the rate of $1.50 per bag, his daily earnings amount to $375 (equivalent to N529,000).

He mentioned that he found satisfaction in South Korea because he received payment immediately upon completing his tasks.

Here are some reactions from Nigerians after a man shared his work experience abroad:

@00PRIME7 remarked: “If those guys unloading cement from Dangote trucks got wind of this opportunity, they would earn more than Obi Cubana.”

@WarriorsAbia stated: “After putting in hard work, you return to Nigeria, buy a car to enjoy briefly, then a police officer accuses you of being a fraudster. May God bless your hustle, my brother.”

@NwabuezeWilfred commented: “That’s some real weightlifting. If you earn $375 in 8 hours, by the end of the week, you’d have well over $1500.”

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