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A married woman cries as her husband abandons their three children, sells their house and her car, drains her bank account, and disappears.

A married Nigerian woman shed tears as her husband abandoned their 3 kids, sold the house, car, and emptied her account, then ran away.

This was revealed in a recent post she made on a popular social media platform.

Marriage woman weeps as husband flees, sells house, car.
In the post, the married woman explained her present situation with a caption which reads: “My husband sold our house, sold my car, emptied my account, and ran away. I am left with 3 children.”
Through her caption, she made it clear that her husband has left their matrimonial home, taking everything with him, leaving her alone and helpless with no means to take care of their children.
She went online to add that she’s been duped by her husband and urged people to believe her as a victim.
Her statement, however, attracted the attention of several social media users who have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.
See some reactions below:
Ayanfe: “Abi he don confirm say the children no be him own ????”
Hifedaryoh: “Una husband Dey get access to una bank acct?tins plenty wey I no knw sha😫😫..sorry madam.”
Scientific House of Lords: “All you need to do for a man is Respect him and be loyal. Then you will control him, if he leaves he will come back. but DISRESPECT IS.”
Slam Dunk: “Sorry o madam, but let’s hear his side of the story make we no be like Agba oshika.”
Khalifa: “House ours !!!! Car urs it’s okay!!! We are waiting for the whole story that prompted it oo.”
user5572750720260: “1. The whole people in ur husband family should not turn against you, u ought to have friends among ur in laws.”
bolajiolofin: “continue with your life sis. just have thinking about your children because if you die. know family will take care of them. put your self together.”
Berry-Lite: “hmmmm marriage is for the strong aswear. The thing is becoming scaring to the upcoming ones now. God help us all.”
Babyangel: “Madam i dont no what to say. This is not even funny. God will see u through.”

You can reach out to her on Instagram. @wealthy.store_ Who then do one trust. #happening

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