Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“A Nigerian woman in Ado, Ekiti state, was surprised to find ponmo, agbalumo, and cucumber in the parfait she purchased, exclaiming, ‘Jesus, I’m shocked!'”

“A stunning Nigerian woman causes a stir after discovering ponmo, agbalumo, and beans in the parfait she purchased in Ado, Ekiti state. 

The incident was captured in a video with the caption: ‘You buy parfait in Ado Ekiti.'”

In the video, a young woman can be heard expressing her dismay over the unexpected contents of the parfait she bought in Ekiti state. 

She exclaimed, “Who would send me parfait made by Ekiti people? Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus, I’m shocked.

” In the background, her friend lamented that many purchasers might believe they’ve made a luxurious choice. 

The video quickly sparked reactions on social media, with numerous individuals sharing their thoughts in the comments section.

See some reactions:

Amanda baby: “Na Agbolumo dem put inside.”

Demzy: “wahala be like ekiti perfeit 😂😂😂😂cucumber inside perfeit.”

Girl: “they replaced apple with cucumber.”

LUMMY: “No bo coco pops be that.”

Faytecakes: “Is that tomatoes😂 or.”

Harmony Tiffany: “No kpomo I dey see?”


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