Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

A Nigerian woman showcases the dining table and chairs her father purchased for ₦120 back in 1988, highlighting their enduring quality.

An elegant Nigerian woman amazed onlookers by showcasing a top-notch dining table and accompanying chairs purchased by her father for just ₦120 back in 1988. The revelation came through a video captioned: “#120 bought a dining set in 1988.”

The video features a woman discussing how ₦120, though seemingly insignificant today, held considerable value in the past. 

She recounted how her father purchased a significant item, a dining table, with that amount, which they still use today. 

Despite ₦120 only affording snacks or minor items back then, her father’s purchase remains a testament to its purchasing power. 

The video also showcases the well-maintained dining set, prompting various reactions from viewers in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

Jaybee: “Is too expensive for that much in 1988.”

Chuby476: “Omo if you see our own ehh😂 my father will always say azurum ya mgbe ma alubem nwayi.”

Aticu: “This type of dining would cost nothing less than 500,000 in today’s Nigeria….. we’re finished.”

king mahoney: “and it still strong I no understand wetin all this pple dey make now.”

Austin: “to get this now u need over 1.5mN now. this country no go fit better again.”

Dr styles: “Come see house my daddy build in 1970 with 29k.”

steam: “120 just bought one sachet of minimie chinchin yesterday.”

CHIMDERA: “Two foams in my dads bed room in the village was bought for 60#”

MattBURNER: “In 1983 i bought an estate for N900 naira.”

Solar_System_Cheche_: “When carpenters stood out for the quality of materials they used in their products. The table remains solid.”


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