Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

A Nigerian woman’s relationship came to an end due to concerns raised over the lyrics of Seyi Vibez’s music.

A Nigerian woman was taken aback as she recounted how her boyfriend ended their relationship upon learning that her favorite musician is Seyi Vibez, a well-known singer. 

Sharing screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation, she revealed his decision to sever ties with her over this preference.

He clarified that he couldn’t continue a relationship with someone who admires Seyi as their favorite artist. 

Additionally, he expressed discomfort with how she passionately sings the singer’s songs, likening it to incantations, which he finds unsettling. 

Meanwhile, despite her insistence and reminders of his promise not to end things, he remained steadfast in his decision to break up. Their exchange garnered attention on social media after being shared online.

See some reactions below:

77beckhamore: “Go marry Balo or seyi naw make you tell your friends sey you don choose celeb na so most of una go Dey use small things break your relationship werey.”

FITSBYABI: “I almost chop breakfast yesterday too ooh because of SEYI😭❤️but I stand with my SEYI nih ooh🤭❤️if he wan go. make he go oh.”

Adebimpe: “Na lie he don get you for mind bfor e just use that as excuse lol 😂that’s not an excuse.”

PERRY: “nah scope jare no be because of the songs wey you dey sing or your love for those artists he has intentions of leaving you before that just an excuse to leave the relationship.”

star_shine_of_tiktok: “Some man love a someone like you that can sing or vibez to all this artiste you mentioned like me but at least try minimize it.”

Elle Loseyi: “All this is capping ooo fr why guy go tell me say he go break up with me because I love Seyi maybe he should forget we met each other.”

🥀💋Damilola: “He no love u nii jare lock up 💔no guy wey no like seyi Vibez so who’s he to wan break up with u just because u are singing seyi Vibez.”


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