Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“A supportive husband” – The moment Omashola proudly exclaims ‘Warri’ as his wife steps up to receive an award at school.

Omashola startled individuals in the classroom by exclaiming “Warri” as his wife made her way to the stage to accept an award at her school. 

He disclosed attending the event at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where his wife was recognized as the top final year student in BCOM accounting.

As his wife made her way to the podium to accept the award, he enthusiastically shouted “Warri” to cheer her on. 

However, his exclamation elicited quick and puzzled looks from those around him. 

Omashola shared the video, stating, “Top final year student in BCOM accounting at the finest university in Africa, UCT. Warri never fails to excel.”

best university in Africa UCT. Warri no dey carry last”.

Netizens’ reactions …
yvonne.godswill said: “Me sef I shy on her behalf”

gifttyofficial opined: “She go say which kind husband she go marry Congratulations to her”

kilontreysparkles wrote: “So they didn’t know they’ll clap until he shouted Congratulations to her”

neo_akpofure commented: “You really run am ohh I love it”

datwarrigirl said: “Na woman when know book husband dey shout hail”

aireyys exclaimed: “Streeeeeeeeeet! well done Mrs. Sholzy”

Watch the video below:

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