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A woman explains why marriage offers more benefits to women than men.

Rosemary Isong, a Nigerian woman, has sparked varied responses by suggesting that women gain significantly more from marriage than men, asserting that women enjoy up to 70% more benefits from the institution of marriage compared to men.

To put her point into perspective, she illustrated that a man has to build himself from scratch, training himself then setting up a business.

He the tries to create a home before marrying a wife whose welfare will still be his to carter for.

She noted that the woman comes into the home, and everything the man has worked for – and will still work for – will be shared between him and the wife.

Her opinion has sparked mixed reactions from different cyber citizens.

Check out reactions…
onyinyechi_favour said: “The woman loss her beauty giving birth to children that will still bear the man’s name.”

emeka_ remarked: “Marriage benefits both the husband and wife. Marry right and everyone go enjoy”

iam_mactiza stated: “Most women no Wan hear all these truth. Shout out to all the men out there”

rosemary_isong wrote: “You all saying “she will be picked” I’m already picked picked like beans so worry about yourself. What I said I nothing but the truth except ur partner is broke”

classic_bene_diction commented: “If no be to born pikin I no see any 348 benefits in getting married I swear as aman we Dey suffer men don see hell for abroad”

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