Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

A woman expresses concern about dating someone who she believes might be an ancestor inhabiting a young person’s body, citing her 25-year-old boyfriend’s fondness for eating bitter kola.

A Nigerian woman seeks guidance regarding her 25-year-old boyfriend’s enjoyment of eating bitter kola. 

She turned to Twitter to express her concerns to an influencer on the platform.

The woman explained that her boyfriend’s strong preference for bitter kola unsettles her because she associates it with older individuals. 

She’s accustomed to seeing only elderly people consuming it, leading her to worry that she might be involved with an older man inhabiting a younger body.

The distressed woman reached out to netizens for advice, addressing her message specifically to Sir Dickson. 

She expressed her unease about her 25-year-old boyfriend’s fondness for eating bitter kola, as she typically associates it with older individuals. 

Concerned that she might be involved with someone much older in a younger body, she sought guidance on what course of action to take.

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@MBANZAPAULA said: “He could actually be an ancestor. Try asking him about his family, friends and indulge him about marriage. This will give you signals of if you you are dating a real human. If you can also ask for his village and trying finding it out, it will help you. I am saying this because more than once, people have narrated how they were dating ghosts, one in fact got pregnant for this ghost and only found out when it came to the marriage discussion and all”

@Mcpully remarked: “He eats bitter kola to boost his manhood performance.”

@bummiearo commented: “this lady have a high rate of cheating on this guy”

@IamLADTV penned: “Your boyfriend is a god

Once you wake up every morning… Pour palm oil on his head.


@addel_cares said: “Bitter kola is something even you should be eating because it’s medicinal.

Your guy is eating it because it helps his libido, and it also enhances sexual performance.

It is generally good for both men and women. Please join him because it’s not an old people’s food.

It’s the best antibiotics in the world.”

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