Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

A woman expresses concern about how pregnancy has impacted her vision, stating, “It’s becoming frightening.”

A Nigerian woman has caused a stir online by sharing a video detailing how pregnancy led to unusual growths in and around her eyes. 

In the video, she highlighted the effects pregnancy had on her eyes, noting that some women are lucky to only experience skin issues.

She exhibited the growths within her eyelids, particularly emphasizing one that had noticeably enlarged. 

Additionally, she disclosed that these developments began when she was only one month into her pregnancy. 

Upon seeking medical attention, healthcare professionals concluded that the growths were a result of her pregnancy, which has now reached 36 weeks, and advised her to undergo surgery after delivering the baby.

Check out some netizens reactions below:
MickyD stated: “Women are strong AF, after going through all these they still want to birth another child?”

GeneralLADO said: “And some men be acting like anyone would purposely want to be “dirty and unkempt” during pregnancy. It’s worth having 30 mother’s days per year truly.”

Nma noted: “To get belle come dey fear person😭”

YourFavBaker wrote: “Pregnancy isn’t for the weak 🥺”


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