Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

A woman who moved overseas seeking better opportunities breaks down in tears, pleading with God for assistance.

A video circulating on social media depicts a young Nigerian woman in tears, fervently pleading with God for assistance despite having relocated abroad in pursuit of better opportunities. 

Despite the perception of a brighter future in her new environment, she appears to be overwhelmed and helpless.

The video captures her shedding tears as she listens to a gospel song, seeking help from her creator. Her caption, “If I ever needed you Lord, I need you now,” underscores her plea. 

Nigerians have resonated with her struggle to survive overseas, sparking a flurry of reactions to the video.

Reactions as lady calls to God for help despite living abroad
the_lizzy_john penned: “Dear God, whatever it is she is going through…please come through for her🥺.”

nigerians_in_canada wrote: “People are actually going through alot and fighting secret battles, many hearts are in pains and secretly calling on God for break through, most people can’t even share what they are going through because they believe only God Can understand.”

pampam_daniel wrote: “In the beginning is always hard but sis soonest you will be smiling like some of us❤😢.”

beckygoldjeweler penned: “Hold it right dere sis nothing good comes easily, you will look back on this day and be glad you did 😍.”

Watch the video below …

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