Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Actress Dayo Amusa Criticizes Judges for Selecting Bobrisky as ‘Best Dressed Female’ at an Event

Actress Dayo Amusa Criticizes Event Organizers for Naming Bobrisky Best-Dressed Female

Actress Dayo Amusa has expressed her disappointment with the organizers of an event held in Lagos state on Sunday, March 24, for selecting Bobrisky as the recipient of the “best-dressed female” award.

Bobrisky, dressed in an all-black ensemble, was crowned “best-dressed female” and awarded a N1 million prize.

Amusa, who attended the event, voiced her disapproval in a video, revealing that she walked out after Bobrisky was announced as the winner.

She questioned the judges’ decision, asking if they were satisfied with their choice. Amusa suggested that if the event producers wanted to acknowledge crossdressers, they should have created a separate category for the best-dressed crossdresser.

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