Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Actress Destiny Amaka reveals that she can’t feel sexually aroused if her partner is financially struggling.

During a recent interview, Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka expressed that she lacks sexual attraction towards men who are financially struggling. 

She shared this sentiment while chatting with reality TV star Uriel Oputa on Inside Scoop by Pulse. 

Destiny referred to Uriel’s request or scenario in her direct messages as the most unusual she’s encountered as a sexual health advocate.

During a recent interview with reality TV personality Uriel Oputa on Pulse’s Inside Scoop, Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka expressed that she doesn’t feel sexually aroused by financially unstable men. 

When asked by Uriel about the most unusual request, scenario, or question she has received in her direct messages (DMs) as a sexual health advocate, Destiny mentioned that nothing has been more peculiar than messages from men who lack financial stability.

Destiny remarked that young men who offer nothing but sex often believe it’s sufficient to attract a woman. 

Additionally, she reiterated her stance that she cannot be sexually aroused by someone who lacks financial stability.

Watch video below;

Reacting to the post…

@Chima Echefule said: “Women and money. Even the ones wey their oil don dry still want money too”

@AUD advised: “A successful man can marry an unsuccessful woman. A successful woman won’t even look at an unsuccessful man. That’s why women don’t love emotionally. They love opportunistically.”

@vandross block said: “Person wey no even fine self wahala”

@Ama Anya Tenente asserted: “Funny enough girls that think like this are more susceptible to free sex.”

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