Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

‘Always suspected my wife, she deceived me into marriage’ – Bovi spills

Popular Nigerian comedian and actor Bovi Ugboma has jokingly claimed that his wife, Kris Asoronye Ugboma, tricked him into marrying her.

The stand-up comedian made this revelation in an Instagram story post on Friday, March 29, while discussing the discovery that his wife is older than him.

Bovi shared an image of Kris’ driving permit, which indicated September 1949 as the date she attended a Road Traffic convention, expressing surprise as he had always assumed she was older.

Captioning the photo, Bovi humorously wrote, “Always suspected she was older than me! She deceived me into marriage.”

Meanwhile, Maureen Esisi, the ex-wife of Blossom Chukwujekwu, has called for severe sanctions for men who conceal their queer sexualities and deceive unsuspecting women.

The businesswoman urged the Nigerian government to address the issue of homosexual men who knowingly marry women while hiding their sexual orientation.

According to Maureen, such manipulation and deceit can significantly impact a woman’s mental health.

She wrote;

“If the Presidency/Nigeria can’t find it NECESSARY to LEGALIZE BEING GAY, so that these mFs can live their lives normally then there should also be a Gigantic Penalty for the Monsters who knowing their sexuality, still go ahead to marry/Trap their opposite sxx (victims), refuse them their primary responsibility, heavily Manipulate them and shatter their mental health and self worth.”




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