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An outraged mother publicly criticizes the school for sending her daughter home alone due to her tardiness.

A mother‘s fury erupts as she publicly denounces a school for their decision to send her daughter home unaccompanied for coming late.

The staff of Book Workshop School were observed trying to prevent the woman from recording a video before escorting her off the premises.

The infuriated mother explained that her daughter, Favour, arrived at school by 8:30 a.m., yet she was expelled simply for being tardy, disregarding whether she had a safe place to go or not.

She further alleged that if she had personally dropped her daughter off, the teachers wouldn’t have sent her away. Additionally, she disclosed that on occasions, the school bus arrives as late as 10 a.m.

After seeing her daughter at home, she attempted to contact the school principal but was met with insults before the call was abruptly ended, prompting her to visit the school in person.

Check out some reactions that followed…
abijayofficial wrote: “I see a disciplined school.. That’s just it.”

Ay Nana said: “A responsible school would call the parent first, you don’t send a child home for coming late.”

Kelechi noted: “The school was wrong to have sent a child home alone for coming to school late.”

Haphyz confirmed: “Guys I can tell you the lady is not capping the school bus usually get to school late”

KING wrote: “God forbid, but what if a car had hit the kid on her way home? Na different story we for dey talk now All these schools don’t think these days. She’s late, why not discipline her or punish her for coming late to school.”




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