Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Angel Smith rebukes critics amidst speculation about her relationship with Soma, saying, ‘Have you witnessed us reluctantly appearing online?'”

Reality TV personality Angel Smith has responded strongly to critics amidst speculation about her relationship status with former Big Brother Naija partner Soma. 

After online rumors of their breakup emerged, Angel notably unfollowed Soma. Adding to the speculation, Soma recently revised the birthday message he had posted for Angel on February 13th.

Angel utilized the X platform to affirm that she has endured persistent cyberbullying and unfounded allegations on social media. 

She stated her choice to remain silent, acknowledging that it’s fine if someone holds a negative opinion of her. 

Additionally, she questioned whether anyone had observed her and Soma engaging in public disputes online following their rumored split.

Her statement read: “You’ve been bullying me since 2021 without cause, and even the accusations thrown my way are baseless, yet I’ve chosen silence. Dislike me? Label me a ‘bad girl’? Spare me. Seriously, enough.

“Even if we did split, what’s the big deal? Did you witness us airing our grievances online? Some of you are in relationships only fit for confessions to God, yet you dare to judge. Idiots.”


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