Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Apostle Johnson Suleman attributed the deaths of Mr. Ibu and Herbert Wigwe to foundational curses.

Apostle Johnson Suleman, a well-known clergyman, sheds light on the mysterious family patterns surrounding the deaths of Mr Ibu and Herbert Wigwe, emphasizing that their passing was not ordinary.

Apostle Johnson Suleman highlighted intriguing trends surrounding the deaths of both Mr Ibu and Herbert Wigwe. 

He pointed out that Mr Ibu’s grandfather and father had succumbed to poisoning, a fate that tragically befell Mr Ibu as well.

Apostle Suleman noted that Herbert Wigwe’s older brother passed away in an accident, his sister suffered the same fate while returning from her honeymoon, and Herbert himself met a similar tragic end.

The pastor maintained that foundational curses exists and could be the fate of anyone whether they’re born again, unless such curses are broken.

Watch him speak below …

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