Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“At this moment, the bride revises her wedding vows to say ‘For better for better, for richer for richer.'”

The newlywed’s unconventional approach to reciting her wedding vows has sparked a range of reactions online. 

Rather than sticking to the traditional phrases like “for better or worse,” “for richer or poorer,” and “in sickness and in health,” she opted for a remix, saying “for better for better,” “for richer for richer,” “in health and in health,” and concluding with “till death do us part in old age.”

There’s been a significant controversy as certain online users argue her statement was incorrect, while others assert it’s acceptable.

Here are some reactions to the bride’s video
bishy.opeyemi stated: “This is the best way to say your marriage Vows, there’s power in the tongue, you confess what you want.”

bam.babycity commented: “Just as there’s day and night, things we don’t plan for happen in narriage: infertility, financial crisis, sickness etc. Nobody wishes for it, but it happens. Does this mean that she’s only there for the good times? A marital vow, not an oath. You’re not under compulsion to say it, you can choose to remain single and not say it. But coming into marriage with the mentality that only good things will happen is the height of delulu, and these ministers should know and do better.”

ejiro_arure claimed: “I knew she meant well when she said “till death do us part at old age”. May God bless and keep them.”

oppyjay_alaga said: “You people want her to marry an elderly and still be saying “…in poverty” 😂. Person wey she use escape poverty oo”

michael._ added: “That’s actually a problem and not being woke or whatever she thinks. You think say the people wey arrange those words no get sense ni?”

Watch the clip below

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