Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Basketmouth reveals the only thing that can make him retire from comedy

Nigerian comedian Basketmouth, also known as Bright Okpocha, recently shared his thoughts on what would lead him to retire from performing comedy. His comments came after learning about the substantial fees Grammy winner Burna Boy commands for his music performances.

During a discussion on the Honest Bunch, Basketmouth revealed that Burna Boy reportedly receives payments ranging from three to four million dollars for a single music performance. However, Basketmouth expressed that even if he were offered such a significant sum, he would not be inclined to continue performing comedy.

This statement from Basketmouth underscores his principles and values as an artist. Despite the allure of high financial compensation, he remains steadfast in his commitment to his craft and integrity as a comedian. Basketmouth’s comment also sheds light on the differences in compensation and recognition between different sectors of the entertainment industry.

Overall, Basketmouth’s stance reflects his dedication to comedy and his unwillingness to compromise his artistic integrity for financial gain. It also prompts reflection on the broader issues of value and recognition within the entertainment industry.

Basketmouth said; “Burna Boy is paid 3 to 4 million dollars for a single performance. If they pay me that for a show, that will certainly be my last show”.

Recall that the Afrobeats musician, Burna Boy previously disclosed that he declined a $5 million deal to play in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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