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Bella, Sheggz, and others gather with Chomzy to celebrate her stepson’s birthday.

Chomzy, a well-known BBNaija personality, stirs up a flurry of responses by hosting an extravagant birthday celebration for her stepson who turned one. 

This comes after her recent marriage in December 2023, amidst allegations of domestic violence involving her husband’s previous wife.

Prior to the recent birthday celebration, Chomzy had expressed her affection for her stepson on Instagram, referring to him as her own and wishing him a life full of love, laughter, and blessings as he turned one. 

Videos circulating on social media showed friends of the reality star, such as Bella and Sheggz, attending the birthday bash for Chomzy’s stepson.

The video has since sparked a wave of reactions from social media users after the child’s mother was nowhere to be found at the event.

Speculations as Chomzy celebrates stepson with lavish birthday party
dubbyworld said: “When the mother is not capable of taking care of the baby. The dad can take custody of it. Having a baby doesn’t necessarily mean you can parent your child. Either the mother or the father takes the baby when a separation happens. The idea is to coparent and have access to see your baby.”

peaceogbu noted: “Nigerian and not minding their business na 5&6, what if the mother is late? What if she abandon the child. Make Una sha Dey Una business.”

buchipat said: “I just hope the mum gave them her baby willingly and wasn’t bullied into this arrangement cos that would be totally unacceptable and not worth celebrating.”

haliruamina noted: “Behind every actions, there must be a story. well we don’t know who the mother of the child is, what if she’s not good for the child mentally, morally, and physically.”

Watch the video below …



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