Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Blord responds to a video that has gone viral, capturing him dining at a nearby restaurant.

Blord, a billionaire businessman, responds to a viral video showing him dining at a local restaurant.

Reflecting on the incident, the businessman recounts being caught off guard by someone who recorded him and subsequently shared the footage on TikTok.

Expressing his dissatisfaction to his wife, Blord explains his discomfort with public dining situations.

However, despite the unpleasant encounter, he displays resilience by announcing his intention to revisit the same restaurant the following day.

He notes that it’s his usual spot for breakfast and lunch, indicating his commitment to maintaining his routine despite the intrusion.

Reacting to the post…

@johnstonboss0 wrote: “He fit be say nah him tell them make they snap am and post self.”

@_peaceful_baddie wrote: “Mr man you intentionally did that video just to chase cl0ut.”

@king_sstoner33 wrote: “Most of them are living f@ke to blow. No original billionaires can go that type of place to chop Oga. Stop whining yourself here, f@ke life everywhere.”

@posh_essy wrote: “Your wife no sabi cook ofeakwu? Pls employ me,I’m a great chef.”

@shady.xix wrote: “all of them have opened their dirty mouths to ask if his wife can’t cook… these are still the same ones that sing i don’t cook, i don’t clean.”

@itz_chidiogo wrote: “All these people saying you no dey chop for house. How does that concern anyone with his wife cooking or not. He is not complaining is he.”

@big_confirmer wrote: “Na Lie You Wan Trend. Na You Tell Your Guy To Video You n You Con Dey Form Unaware As Girls Go Stand Snap Pictures Finish Con Dey Caption Am “UNAWARE BUT STILL CUTE”

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