Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Bobrisky is presented with a one million naira cheque for winning the title of Best Dressed Female at a movie premiere.

Bobrisky, a controversial lifestyle influencer, was awarded a one million naira cheque for his outstanding attire, earning him the title of Best Dressed Female at the ‘Beast of Two Worlds’ movie premiere, where numerous other elegantly dressed female celebrities were also in attendance.

Netizens responded humorously to Bobrisky‘s accolade at the movie’s premiere, with some asking how he managed to appropriate an award meant for females for himself.

Check out some reactions…
FS Yusuf said: “Title is “beast of two worlds” so what do you expect”

Tessi stated: “Bobrisky being addressed as best dressed female at the Beast of two worlds movie premiere made everything a joke.”

Lifeofadefiniton wrote: “Imagine a transgender winning awards over the original gender😂😂😂”

TopBoi noted: “yeah we accept he’s trans but tbh she dresses better than those mumu female actors”

Phil Dubem asked: “You give a best dressed female price to a male? 😂😂😂 Nah women I pity sha”

Dobi penned: “Na Man they announce that thing oo . Some people no get shame abeg”

Dy Baby asserted: “We are done for in this country sha”


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