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“Bobrisky is still here in Ikoyi. He was not sentenced to death and didn’t receive a life sentence either – NCoS Officials

The Nigeria Correctional Service has refuted claims that controversial cross-dresser Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, was transferred from Ikoyi Correctional Centre to its Kirikiri facility in Lagos State.

Reports had surfaced indicating that Bobrisky had been secretly relocated to Kirikiri Prison over the weekend to commence his six-month sentence for the misuse of naira notes.

However, a spokesperson for the NCoS informed Punch Metro on Thursday that Bobrisky was still being held at Ikoyi Prison. The official, speaking anonymously due to protocol, clarified that Bobrisky’s offense did not warrant transfer to a maximum-security facility like Kirikiri, where inmates serving life or death sentences are usually housed.

“Bobrisky has not been moved; he is still here in Ikoyi. He was not sentenced to death and didn’t receive a life sentence either. Those sentenced to death or life imprisonment are typically kept in the maximum prison. Since Bobrisky didn’t commit a capital offense, there is no reason for him to be taken to Kirikiri,”

the source explained.

Another official, also speaking anonymously, mentioned that although there were discussions about relocating some inmates across custodial centers in the state for decongestion purposes, no concrete plans had been finalized.

He added that;

“Sometimes, when we discover that the population of inmates is much in a facility, we decide to move them just to decongest. We are only considering that at the moment and not that anyone has been moved. If the prison authorities want to move, they have the right. We also do so if the person has a communicable disease or because the inmate requested it for proximity to the family or an appeal on humanitarian grounds.

The leadership might also say, ‘Let’s spread those who have less than one year sentence’, which may apply to Bobrisky, just to create space for those awaiting trial. But such people rarely go to the maximum prison,”

the source disclosed.



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