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“Bobrisky na VIP for cell, if Not, They should have broken the fixed nails” – Blessing CEO lambasts Verydarkman

Blessing CEO, a controversial therapist, has sparked debate by drawing a comparison between the treatment of Bobrisky and Verydarkman while in detention. According to her, Bobrisky received what she deemed as VIP treatment from the EFCC, contrasting it with Verydarkman’s treatment, which she likened to that of a mere bandit.

The self-proclaimed relationship therapist pointed out that Bobrisky maintained his flamboyant appearance, including painted nails and facial makeup, suggesting this as evidence of special treatment. She insinuated that if Bobrisky wasn’t in a VIP cell, authorities would have enforced a different standard.

In contrast, Blessing CEO remarked on Verydarkman’s less favorable condition upon leaving police custody, implying a disparity in treatment between the two individuals.

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