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Brymo queries Tiwa Savage about lyrics of her song with Simi

Brymo’s inquiry to Tiwa Savage seems to be sparking a conversation about gender representations in music.

By asking about the line “Men Are Crazy” from her song with Simi, he appears to be questioning the narrative choices and their implications in music.

His comment about the lack of songs exclusively calling women “deranged” points to a broader dialogue about double standards and what is culturally acceptable to express in music.

This interaction could highlight how artists use their platforms to address or perpetuate societal views and stereotypes. It’s an interesting moment that might prompt both fans and critics to reflect on the messages conveyed in popular music and how they influence perceptions of gender dynamics.

He wrote;: “Hey @tiwasavage .. I’d like to know the thoughts behind the .. “men are crazy” line… because it’s the one thing boys say most in private spaces about your gender, and none of us ever made a song exclusively about how deranged y’all are…. Yet you did with Simi, and you are the first of both that I am seeing post from since then… so I ask ;- did you play reverse psychology on us, and making the song a projection.. and gaslighting the shit out of me by that??? … or you have real reasons to say so ??… and if it be the latter, expand it for me, please!!.”



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