Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Burna Boy explains why he avoids conducting giveaways on the internet.

Renowned artist Burna Boy has shared insights into his decision not to conduct internet giveaways, unlike some of his peers. During a recent Instagram live session with his fans, the ‘City Boy’ singer disclosed that the internet isn’t typically his chosen platform for giveaways.

He expressed that he directs his generosity towards places and individuals truly in need, emphasizing that these individuals are not typically found on social media platforms like Instagram. 

His statement was: “I give to places and people who truly need it, and most of them aren’t on Instagram.”

Check out reactions that followed …
@EmaazDr said: “YOU GO EXPLAIN TIRE”

@JoyMart14 commented: “Odogwu for a reason”

@AlambaJugu wrote: “Him go explain tire no evidence”

@xchi3aram remarked: “Trying to find who asked him..”

@deslilym stated: “Na lie, show working”

@Tunjee001 said: “No be by cho cho cho
Show doings
Where your evidence”

@jayboy_04 remarked: “Na ur money sha, So those on the internet don’t need it? So everyone on the internet are all rich?”

@EdidiongWilliam said: “Na him know who ask am”

@CityBoyyxxx penned: “I do giveaway to places that sometimes matter, to people that may not need it and most of them are on the Internet – Davido”

Watch video below …

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