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Bwala Pleads With Nigerians To Adjust With Tinubu’s Policy

Daniel Bwala, a former spokesperson for Atiku Abubakar’s 2023 election campaign, expressed on Wednesday that Nigerians must adapt to the current economic conditions.

Speaking on the ‘Morning Brief’ program on Channels Television, Bwala addressed the criticisms of President Bola Tinubu’s administration, refuting claims that it is indifferent to the struggles faced by Nigerians.

His comments followed the recent implementation of a cybersecurity levy on transactions, a directive issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria on May 6, which mandates banks and other financial institutions to apply a 0.5 percent levy on electronic transfers.

Bwala encouraged Nigerians to acclimate to the policies of President Tinubu’s administration, emphasizing that “hardships won’t last forever.”

He elaborated, “Perceptions vary depending on the observer’s motives. Just as one might say a half-filled bottle of water is either half full or half empty, we should focus on the factual data and the perspectives from which we view them.”

He likened the current economic measures to necessary, albeit painful, adjustments, similar to enduring the discomforts of childbirth, stating, “It’s a time of temporary hardship, inconvenience, and personal sacrifice. Adjustment is essential because, as the saying goes, trouble doesn’t always last. This challenging period won’t last forever, but adjustment is crucial for survival. This is the essence of life.”

Bwala also highlighted that President Tinubu acknowledges the hardships, reinforcing the notion that the administration is not oblivious to the current economic difficulties faced by the Nigerian populace.



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