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Candidate who didn’t write 2024 JAMB exam reportedly gets 191 as UTME score

A startling allegation has surfaced regarding the 2024 JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) examination, involving a girl who reportedly received a UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) score despite not participating in the exam. This incident has cast doubts on the reliability of the examination process and the possibility of technical issues at testing centers.

The matter came to public attention through a Facebook post by Gozie, a Nigerian man who detailed the unexpected situation faced by the girl and other candidates at their designated Computer-Based Test (CBT) center. According to Gozie, the candidates arrived for a 7 am exam session only to encounter non-functional systems. Despite assurances of a resolution, they were eventually asked to return the following day.

When the candidates returned, they were informed that the technical problems could not be resolved. Astonishingly, despite not having taken the exam, the girl later received a score of 191, which aligned with scores typical of those who completed the test. Gozie expressed his bafflement over the situation, questioning whether this was a miraculous outcome or a glitch in the JAMB system. He described the ordeal:

“I’m still dumbfounded on how a person that literally wrote nothing got 191 or thereabout in JAMB. According to her, her set, which was 7 am, had a problem with their system. Their system went off, not just one but all the systems. It wasn’t resolved until the time for the next set to write. Guess what? They were all asked to go home and come the next day. They came the next day, and they were told that there’s nothing that they can do for them. Now, JAMB result is out, and she got 191, could this be a miracle or JAMB glitch.”

Attempts to verify the authenticity of Gozie’s claims were unsuccessful as messages sent to him remained unanswered at the time of reporting. The incident raises significant concerns about the examination’s integrity and the potential implications for other candidates.

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