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Charity Nnaji advises men to have their children undergo DNA testing if their partners are supporting Mohbad’s wife.

Nollywood actress Charity Nnaji recommends that men undergo DNA testing if their partners are in agreement with Mohbad’s wife’s decision not to conduct the test on her son, Liam. 

The widow has stated her refusal to undergo any DNA test on her son, Liam, asserting that she cannot be compelled to do so.

The announcement received a varied response from internet users across various social media platforms. 

Charity Nnaji, a Nollywood actress, expressed her belief that if there was nothing to fear, she should be open to undergoing the test.

She warned men to take actions immediately if they find out that their wife is in support of Mohbad’s wife not doing the DNA test.

Charity Nnaji urged men to check for paternity fraud if their wives are supporting Mohbad’s wife

She wrote;

“Men listen, if your wife is Supporting mobad,s wife not to do dna test , she’s a suspect , kindly take those kids you have with that betrayer of awife that’s supporting mobad wife and go for DNA test , for crying out loud ,who will want to go through this type of pressure without wanting to clear her conscience and free her self from all this public disgrace.,you are not far from a witch if you keep allowing your husband train another man’s child .. remember na only woman know who give am belle please don’t vouch for my gender, after all. They said a clear conscience fear no accusation”

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