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Charming instance as the bride’s sister from France surprises her on her wedding day.

A heartwarming video captures the touching instance when the bride’s sister, who had previously agreed not to attend, flew in from France to surprise her on her wedding day. 

Overwhelmed with emotion, the bride was taken aback by the unexpected reunion.

The bride had agreed with her sister, who resides in France, that she wouldn’t attend the event. However, her sister surprised her by flying to Nigeria without informing her. 

A video circulating online captures the moment when the bride, getting her makeup done, is shocked and bursts into tears upon seeing her sister. 

Her France-based sister then consoles her to prevent her from ruining her makeup with tears.

Check out reactions below …
@ajagbe_marshall said: “If nah my brother
Nah werey go first come out for my mouth 😂
“Werey, u sef no say dem no born ur papa well make you no show” 😹😹”

@Bae_Yechi remarked: “Awww this is so beautiful and the best feeling in the world”

@Gynorazz said: “This is beautiful to watch 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰”

@adamsomobiriwo commented: “She couldn’t even contain her happiness”

Watch the video …



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