Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“Cheat back” — Khloe tells women how to handle a cheating man

Reality TV star Khloe recently shared her perspective on how women should handle a cheating partner, offering what she believes is a foolproof approach. Responding to a question from a fan on her Snapchat story, Khloe emphasized that once cheating occurs, there is typically no returning to the relationship’s previous state.

Khloe’s advice suggests that retaliating by cheating in return isn’t a solution. She implies that resorting to infidelity in response to a partner’s cheating only exacerbates the issue and doesn’t resolve the underlying problems within the relationship.

Khloe also acknowledges that her advice is based on her personal opinion and experiences. She admits that while this is her approach, she hasn’t had recent reasons to resort to such actions.

In addition to advising against cheating in retaliation, Khloe emphasizes the importance of considering one’s own self-worth and dignity. She suggests that if a partner’s infidelity persists and goes against one’s values or beliefs, it may be best to end the relationship altogether.

Overall, Khloe’s advice underscores the complexities of dealing with infidelity in relationships and highlights the importance of self-respect and personal boundaries in navigating such challenges.

In her words;

“Cheat back. C’est fini 👌🏽

But know there is no coming back from that cos then it’s a win win .. if he tricks, trick bigger 😩🙈

My opinion cos I do pay backs but not anymore cos I have no reason to lately. 😞

But if God says No to pay backs, then dump him. 😩”

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