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“Chiwetalu Agu reacts to his son’s purchase of a N1.1 million iPhone, saying ‘From now on, you’re starting your own family or you start breadwinning for the family.'”

In a viral video, Nigerian actor Chiwetalu Agu sparked conversation online with his reaction to the cost of his son’s iPhone 13 Pro Max. The video, posted on TikTok by Agu’s son, shows the actor questioning his son about the phone’s price.

Initially, his son claimed he bought it for just N187,000. However, Chiwetalu Agu, having already investigated the actual price, pointed out that the phone was worth at least a million Naira.

Attempting to justify the expense, Agu’s son explained that the total cost, including the phone, a pouch, a screen guard, and a charger, amounted to N1.1 million.

This revelation prompted a loud reaction from Chiwetalu Agu, who humorously questioned how his son planned to manage his finances after making such a significant purchase, implying that someone who could afford such an expensive phone should be able to support a family.

Watch the Video Here

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