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Chomzy from BBNaija was seen celebrating her stepson’s birthday, taking on the role of his mother despite his biological mom being present.

Chomzy, a former BBNaija housemate, has become a hot topic online after a video emerged showing her caring for her stepson amid allegations that her husband, Figo, took the one-year-old child from his mother against her will. 

This has sparked a strong reaction from many internet users, who have been expressing their opinions since the video went viral.

Reacting to the post;

@Khy_leeeee wrote; We all came outside to support Queen keeping her baby, But since this one is not the Bbn girl some of you want to move mad, What if this was lord lambs and his new wife with Queen’s baby???

Celebrating without her and showering the wife like she is the real mom??

@xo_di wrote: But Honestly I cannot totally blame Chomcy

Everyone is leaving the man out when he’s the main evil here. Chomcy probably trying to show she would be a good step mum to the child.

@Ebyfyn; We women will forever be each other’s problem.

@ayimah1z; One thing about the tables, they always turn.



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