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Chomzy’s spouse is alleged to have separated their son from his mother.

Chomzy, a star from BBNaija’s ‘Level Up’, sparked online discussions after allegations surfaced regarding her husband’s actions in forcefully taking his son away from the child’s mother. 

Chomzy gained attention previously for her heartfelt celebration of her stepson’s birthday.

The pregnant reality TV star took to her Instagram page to share photos of her stepson’s birthday celebration, warmly referring to him as their source of happiness. 

In her heartfelt message, she offered prayers for her husband’s son, wishing him a life filled with love, laughter, and abundant blessings. 

Over the weekend, Chomzy and her husband threw a lavish birthday party for the one-year-old in Lagos, attended by notable guests such as the BBNaija couple Sheggz and Bella. 

However, it was evident that the child’s mother was not present at the event, reportedly due to losing custody of her son.

According to an accuser identified as @DaniellaDupe on X, she alleged that Chomzy’s husband had taken his son away from the mother forcefully.

In her words; “One year ago, I did a call out on Figo about his mistreatment of his wife. Figo repeatedly physically abused her and took their young son away from her who was few months old. She is only concerned about getting her son back, not about Figo or chomzy.

“How is it possible for a man to separate a baby from its mother, while also using threats and financial power against her, with even the Nigerian legal system failing to protect her? I hope that someday an army will stand up and fight for her. This woman went through hell.”

Reactions as Chomzy’s husband is accused of separating son from mother
Nnekwu Mmuo wrote, “Except the child’s mom is mad or incapacitated. Why should you be in support of this act @chomzy? The same koboko used to flog the previous, go still touch you.”

Official Divine Godson wrote, “Take away my child at few months, must be ment because when I was pushing out the child, you helped me?”

Deh Bombomn wrote, “And Chomzy accepted to him taking away the child from his mother? Lmao.”

Maglyn wrote, “Taking a child from the mother isn’t nice.”

Tunz wrote, “But Chomzy and her husband are very irritating.”

Eva wrote, “No lady in her right sense would support this.”

De Reckoner wrote, “Lmao. The good thing Chomzy herself is pregnant, when her child is taken away from her and the newest flame in town begins to do whatever rubbish she is doing currently, maybe then common sense will set in.”



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