Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Conflict erupts as the wife and mistress engage in a heated altercation at the man’s funeral.

A married woman and her husband’s mistress get into a heated altercation at the man’s funeral, sparked by the dressing of a teddy bear in the deceased’s casket. 

A viral video circulating on social media shows the moment the man’s mistress arrives at the ceremony carrying a black nylon bag.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the teddy bears adorning her partner’s casket, she is seen removing them and attempting to bag them. 

Suddenly, the deceased’s wife rushes over, leading to a chaotic altercation as they grab each other’s clothes and exchange heated words. 

The viral video has left netizens puzzled about the presence of the mistress at the funeral.

Reactions as side chic and wife fight at man’s funeral
iyanshawty said: “How will he rest in peace when when he was alive he didn’t allow the wife rest.”

lily_ahnne penned: “Shey the wife snatch the man from the side chicken ni? Ko ye mi o, audacity. Ha”

can_dy17 said: “Even in death ? Una sure say this man go rest in peace well well like this ? Double wahala for dead body 😂😂.”

temitomaku noted: “That side chick must have drank 10 gallons of audacity before going there cuz wtf 😂.”

Watch the video below …

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