Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Continue to pray for your wife even if she isn’t submissive,” advises Mike Bamiloye.

Nigerian actor and preacher, Mike Bamiloye, took to social media to provide guidance to married men dealing with non-submissive spouses. 

Bamiloye emphasized the importance of a woman honoring and submitting to her husband, stating that choosing haughtiness and lack of submission goes against God’s command. 

Through a detailed Instagram post, he urged husbands to remain steadfast in their faith and continuous in prayer for their wives, even if they exhibit such behaviors. 

Bamiloye emphasized that regardless of a woman’s outward spirituality, disobedience to God’s principles could hinder her from entering paradise.

He stated that when a woman displays arrogance, pride, and refuses to be submissive to her husband, she violates the commandment to respect him and be submissive, as the Church does to Christ. 

Similarly, when a woman denies her husband access to her body, contrary to the guidance in I Corinthians 7, she sins against God. 

Additionally, if a woman attempts to assume the role of the head of the household, contrary to God’s design for the man, and seeks to control the home, disregarding her husband’s authority, she disrespects and dishonors him, disobeying the law of God.

When a woman adopts such behaviors, it’s crucial to align with the Lord. Despite outward appearances of dedication to God’s service, those who persist in disobedience are, in essence, serving the devil. 

This applies even to some pastors’ wives who mistakenly believe their husbands won’t speak out against their mistreatment at home to avoid tarnishing their ministry’s reputation. 

As a result, these women assert dominance at home while their husbands maintain authority within the church, causing anguish for some ministers who suffer silently while projecting a smile to their congregations.

There’s no scenario where a woman persistently disobeying God’s laws can attain salvation, regardless of her perceived spirituality. 

To men facing challenges with contentious wives, my advice is to remain steadfast in the Lord. 

I’ve witnessed remarkable transformations where such women eventually become highly submissive and supportive partners in their husbands’ ministries after enduring struggles in their marriage. Trust that God can bring about this change. 

Make her a focus of your prayers, continue to love and honor her, and fulfill your spiritual duties as a Godly man. By doing so, you safeguard your own soul and may God bring healing to your marriage.

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