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Corps member abducted by Kwara police officers, extort N600k from them

A member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) shared a disturbing experience where he was arrested by police officers in Kwara State without being informed of his alleged offense. He was then coerced into withdrawing N600,000 for the officers under duress.

According to his account on social media platform X, he was ‘kidnapped’ by the police in Ajase, Irepodun Local Government Area, on Sunday. He described being driven to an unknown location, passing through several dense and remote areas, without being informed of the reason for his arrest or destination.

“No single human being would have heard my cry. They told me to open all my bank accounts and to withdraw N600,000,” the X user tweeted.

The police officers then drove him back to a nearby town, where they collected his phones and bag. After confiscating his property, they instructed him to find point-of-sale operators to withdraw the money.

He found two operators, took their account numbers, and transferred N600,000 to them as instructed by the officers. After confirming the transfers, he submitted the money to the police officers.

One of the officers remarked, ‘Don’t you know that’s how we do it in Ilorin?’

The victim’s alleged offense was not having his NYSC identity card with him. Despite offering to provide proof through the NYSC portal, the officers insisted on physical documents.

Ejire–Adeyemi Toun, Kwara State Police Public Relations Officer, responded to the victim’s post, urging him to provide detailed information. She expressed dismay at the incident and promised to ensure the victim gets his money back, describing the incident as extortion done with impunity.



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