Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Crayon celebrates while showcasing Rema’s new cars, expressing sympathy for anyone attempting to compete with such extravagance.

Crayon, a well-known Nigerian artist, posted a picture of his teammate Rema’s latest luxury cars on Snapchat, mentioning that Rema acquired them effortlessly. 

He expressed sympathy for those who compete with Rema.

See the post below.

Crayon, a renowned Nigerian artist, recently shared a snapshot of his colleague Rema’s new luxury cars, expressing awe at Rema’s ability to purchase them effortlessly. 

  Rema reportedly spent over N700 million on a brand new G63 G-Wagon and a Lamborghini Urus, both acquired from Polancoexoticcars. 

The dealer also congratulated Rema on his purchase, posting photos of the vehicles on Instagram.

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