Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Daniel Regha suggests that Ayra Starr is recognized more for her miniskirt than for her musical talent.

Social media critic Daniel Regha criticized talented singer Ayra Starr’s fashion choices while discussing fans’ perceptions of her music as a guest on BBNaija star Doyin’s podcast, “Doyin’s Corner.”

According to him, Ayra Starr’s reputation is primarily based on her fashion rather than her music. 

He argued that when people see a woman wearing a miniskirt, they often compare it to the style worn by Ayra Starr. 

Daniel Regha emphasized that Ayra Starr’s one-yard miniskirt is more renowned among fans than her music.

Doyin however noted that Ayra Starr remains a talented lady and her choice of wearing miniskirt reflects her style of music as well as her age.

The BBNaija star and podcast host pointed out that Ayra Starr is just a 21-year-old and her style of dressing is in keeping with the trending vogue.

Check out reactions that followed…
@iamdistrict411 said: “Why will a reasonable person invite a novice to discuss about music artists”

@Fiditiboy remarked: “Women will never tell each other truth, until it’s their sister.

Ask her if she’d allow her sister dress that way everywhere.”

@Samwellwyd commented: “B!tter truth
She’s a good musician though
Some people see the mini skirt as her trademark”

@prettyp657 stated: “Savage 😂😂😂
God please save me for Daniel”

Watch video below …

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