Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Daniel Regha suggests that, based on Kai Cenat’s net worth, he could have made a larger donation to the Makoko school.

Controversial Twitter influencer Daniel Regha argues that Kai Cenat’s $2800 donation to the Makoko school could have been greater, given his financial standing. 

Regha asserts that Cenat garnered significant attention during his time in Nigeria and should have matched the expectations. 

Gistreel previously highlighted Cenat’s philanthropic endeavors, including his financial support for the project led by Oyiga Micheal.

Kai Cenat donated $2800 to the Nigerian community, expressing intentions to contribute more in the future, but Daniel Regha expressed discontent on his page regarding the donation amount.

He tweeted;

“Kai Cenat donated “$2,800” for building of school in Makoko (reportedly); That’s commendable if true, but it d¤esn’t match the hype he got while here in Nigeria, & judging by his estimated net worth he could’ve donated more. No offense.”

Daniel Regha’s post below

Here are some reactions
@ukange_davidx asked: “You don ever buy pencil and note books for the kids here in Nigeria with so much you earn on x 🤔”

@gideonjunior_ said: “Joke apart 2.8k dolls is so small for someone that earn Millions from streaming”

@KatorTarkaa stated: “Daniel, your tweet falls short. While recognizing Kai Cenat’s donation, your criticism lacks nuance and respect. Instead of nitpicking, you could focus on encouraging impactful actions rather than tearing down efforts to make a difference.”

@isaacoladipupo_ commented: “Na you put the money for him pocket bah?”

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