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Davido criticizes renowned blog for posting altered image of him.

Afrobeat singer, Davido takes aim at a renowned international blog, The Shade Borough for circulating an edited photo of him on social media.

A photo of Davido, capturing him in a bathroom selfie while draped in a towel from the waist down, was digitally altered provocatively and circulated widely across social media, quickly going viral.

Although the image has since been removed, the singer responded to the incident, expressing bewilderment over the undeserved mistreatment. He also directed curses towards those responsible for the manipulation.

In his words: “Now u delete it when u knew it was fake! Whatever I did to yall … one day God will reveal it. WILL OR WHATEVER OR NAME IS NAH OGUN GO KILL U AND UR GENERATION.”

Sharing the photo on his X page, he wrote: “Nah God go punish THE SHADE BOROUGH.”

Read some reactions that followed…

STARBOY GUCCI said: “Even this particular picture still funny 😹”

David of Fct wrote: “Immediately god finish with shade borough, ein go punish Wizkid immediately🙏”

LERRY suggested: “Sue the blog and every single account that posted the nonsense edit. There’s a fine line between bants and tarnishing someone’s reputation.”

O.G.B wrote: “Them won bring you down but God no gree”

All About Music said: “Omo this man is having sleepless nights since wizkid touch am oooo. Let pray 🙏 for David”




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