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Davido delights many by spending time with his twins

Musician Davido sparked an online frenzy on Tuesday night after sharing an endearing video of him spending time with his twins.

While he kept their names under wraps, Davido offered his fans a peek at his cherished little ones.

Photo of Davido spending time with his Twins in her Luxury car. Source Instagram

In the viral clip, the DMW boss is seen in the front seat of his car, nodding along to a popular nursery rhyme.

The children’s carriers are visible in the back seat, as the singer enjoys this delightful moment.

The colors of the baby cots—pink and blue—suggested that Davido’s twins are a boy and a girl.

Davido amusingly remarked that he wouldn’t dare change the lullaby, as it might upset the twins.

Watch the video below;

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