Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

DeeOne expresses sympathy for Verydarkman after arrest, questioning if it’s justified due to Bobrisky’s past as a man.

Former BBNaija contestant, DeeOne, appeals to all involved parties, including Bobrisky, following the reported arrest of the controversial critic, Verydarkman. 

Verydarkman was allegedly detained by the police on cyberbullying charges amid his ongoing clash with Bobrisky.

In a recent Instagram post, DeeOne urged for leniency towards the parties involved in the saga. 

Referring to Bobrisky as a ‘former man,’ the comedian criticized VDM for leveling allegations against the lifestyle influencer, deeming it a grave mistake.

He requested for a light punishment, urging not to let him learn the hard way. When VDM alleged that Bobrisky was involved with the Police IG and senators, I knew his claims were true; he’s beyond help, even Tunde Ednut can’t assist him.

Reactions trailing arrest of Verydarkman and plea from Deeone to Bobrisky
zehmee said: “You are even making his situation worse and I love it😂😂😂😂. Please tell us more😂😂😂.”

talk2mcjay noted: “Wait ooo did I hear former man 😂.. D one biko leave me oo.. it was a wrong move doh. May God help him.”

omobenny_ quizzed: “Deeone, why you come de add pepper, de ideas for the remaining senators head? 😂😂.” stated: “The law knows no sentiment. You cannot come out to say senators sleep with bob without having concrete proof. All in the name of assumption you don buy wahala.”

itsfredor said: “I have learnt to mind my business on social media this year and it’s working for me. I choose my battles wisely.”

rosythrone wrote: “At least we go use the time he take dey cell rest for social media. Let him learn the hard way.”

callmedamy added: “Bobrisky sipping malt and milk 😂.”

Watch the video below …

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